Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ethnic Jewellery

My jewellery collection is continuosly growing and changing. Since I visited Tunisia for the second time with my family we were spoken to by a store owner and 'palm reader' in the nearest town. After studying our hands and speaking to us all indivually he was able to tell the connections between me, my mum, stepdad, brother, step sister and boyfriend telling us what he believed were the stories of our future. Athough he was quite clearly also trying to sell jewellery to us as I walked out he discreatly put The Fatima Hand into mine for free (always good)He told me that the Fatima Hand also known as Hamsa would protect me and give me good fortune aswell as ward off the evil eye.

Since that day I have found myself in love with any pieces of jewellery that resemble the Hamsa as well as other tribal/ethnic looking items.

Here are some of my few favourties.

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  1. I love all of this jewellery,
    chucky, indian/ ethnic jewellery is and always has been my fav.
    Best of all, its all so cheap :)