Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hair knots

Hi Lovlies

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend
My hair is getting to that awkward length between long bob and long, so I went on a little Pinning frenzie to find cute ways to style it when I go out as i'm getting a little bored with it, I have found these cute little knotted ponytails which I love and will definitely be trying out! It would also look great underneath a Fedora for a cute daytime look. 

I'm sure I will post pictures on my instagram once I have tried this out.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Current Make-Up Favourites

Over the last 6 months I have really dipped my toe into the make up buying. I still shop mostly high-street (drugstore) brands as I know these are okay on my temperamental skin but I think they are always underestimated. I just thought I would share some of my most used/current favourites,

(Left to Right)
Rimmel Matte Liquid Eyeline - Black (unavailable online)

My lipstick collection is growing rapidly with makes from MUA to Nars but these my current daytime lip shades,

Wish List
My current lipstick wishlist that I may have to wait for Santa to bring me are;

Photo credit -

Photo credit -

I'm going to feature more beauty and make up on the blog as another interest of mine it makes sense to write about something else I love.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

TK Maxx Spree


A few of the bits (other than pressies) I picked up during this weekend at TK Maxx. As long as you are prepared to rummage you will always find gems, sometimes they just jump out at you (the Orange clutch and the loafers definitely did!)
I have been looking for t he right kind of winter jacket for a couple of months now, I needed something warm and with a hood and I was struggling to find something that wasn't just a bog standard parka and something that was great quality. This is a size smaller (yay) and fits perfectly...even more perfect IT HAS FAUX FUR!! (my favourite)
I picked up this little jewellery bag (top left) as whenever I go away or want to take jewellery somewhere I end up shoving it n to a make up bag and loosing bits. This one has a bar for earrings and also a bag inside which is attached to keep everything safe. Perfect.
The orange clutch is something I wouldn't usually go for due to its size but I think it would be nice to take out for dinner or drinks, I've already tested it out and I can definitely fit my, cards and lippy.
TK Maxx/Homesense always have the best notebooks, i'm in a positive mood at the moment and I thought this one was great! We should always strike for progress not perfection! No one is perfect after all.
I think the shoes speak for themselves, I love a loafer but find it hard to find ones that have a little something more. I love how the fringing is looped over and think it really makes them a little bit different. They're super comfy too so i'll be wearing them loads.
Anyone else found any TK Maxx/Homesense gems recently?
KatieCorrie xx

Monday, 9 November 2015

Suede by the bell


Did anyone else find a pair of mom jeans in Primark? Nope...just me (You'll probably find yourself reading 'Can you believe this is Primark?' alot but I find the best things in there even if I do say so myself) (Oh and I love a bracket apparently)
I'm all about the bell sleeve at the moment and absolutely love this one from River Island, put together with my fav mom jeans (Primark!! Yes can you believe...Life Savers!) This bag is also a Primark treasure, I love the suedette, the gold and the fringing. Boots are from TK Maxx, I work in the Head Office and managed to bag these on a double discount weekend..they're faux pony hair and leopard) I wouldn't usually pair the leopard with the pattern on the faux fur jacket but I was cold! Another gem found from an unlikely source..F&F at Tesco. I love the high-street!!
I think i'm going to try this top underneath an oversized shirt with the sleeves rolled up to quirk it up a bit or pair with a midi skirt for more of a going out feel.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


imageAm I the only one obsessed with denim? Such a versatile fabric and so fun to customise.
When I shop not only do I look for pieces I love I think about how I can wear them, style them and also how I could possibly customise it in a few months/years time. This might seem silly but why buy something you know you'll be bored with in a couple months time? Obviously not everything can be customised but it's definitely one of the factors I think about.
Fashion should be fun and with denim there are so many different ways to mic it up a little. My favourite currently is frayed denim, I'm working on a shirt at the moment but have recently tapered some boyfriend jeans that I bought ripped, snipped off the hem and frayed away.
Other ways to 'do' denim;
● Mix up fabrics either layered or side by side (this looks cool with lace)
● Iron on patches are cute right now there's loads on Ebay at the moment
● Dye it: buy a light colour denim and have a play around
●Embellishment and embroidery
Hopefully I'll get the chance to show you my ever growing collection of denim from crop shirts (DIY'd) to midi dresses and jackets.
(Image put together from images on Pinterest, follow my link)

Not so Grey Day


Black sheer maxi shirt - H&M
Black high waisted jeans and Necklace - Primark
Grey sleeveless jacket - New Look
Lace up boots - Public Desire
Bag - Vivienne Westwood
This outfit was just to meet a friend for lunch so nothing too 'put together', I do tend to stick to black day to day and have recently taken more of a shine to grey tones on a not so actual grey day. I tried this sleeveless jacket on quickly in the middle of New Look and a woman made her way at me from the other side of the store to tell me how nice it looked on me so of course I had to buy it and I'm so glad I did, I wear it all the time.
I shot my final collection here for my marketing campaign as part of my final university projects, the location is just round the corner from me, the lighting is okay, it's quiet and its kind of a bit different.

I'm back

Since graduating from uni I have been working full time in HR which I love and although I try to keep in the look with fashion through various social media sites and blogs I still feel a little outside of it.
I've been wanting to start blogging again for ages but just haven't had the confidence over the past year. My new positive mental attitude however has kicked in and I've decided to start sharing my passions; fashion, art, writing, culture with a focus on positivity and confidence.