Thursday, 25 April 2013




As some of you know I'm currently interning at Little White Lies!! I absolutely love it there the people and the brand is amazing I couldn't be happier.. we are fairly new still but getting bigger and better by the day!! Watch out for new ranges, new stock and exciting happenings!!!!

Thought i'd share a few images of our gorgeous Little White Lies Amy Jumpsuit. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to wear it Saturday night.
I shall post pictures of how I styled it.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013


So I've been working in Topman for the last 5 months now and finally received my uniform allowance an amazing 50% off!!(Obviously there is a limit to how much I buy) but I absolutely fell in love with these pieces which is great for me as i'm usually awful at making decisions about clothes when i'm limited to a certain number of items!! :) Those of you who follow me on instagram will have already seen these but here they are if you haven't. 

I've had my eye on this for a while but didn't think i'd fit into a M/L but I DO YAY. Probably going to style this with my black high waisted leggings and a chunky cardi, converse or boots. It would also look cute with my high waisted purple velvet leggings or my leather skater skirt...endless possibilities.

My favourite colour at the moment, hopefully making my birthday dress in this gorgeous colbalt blue (eeek exciting) Absolutely love these treggings will probably style them with an oversized black blouse or a black baggy jumper for a more casual outfit. 

(Sorry I couldn't find a link to these) Anyone who takes note of my style/clothes will know i'm an absolute sucker for tarten! Maybe I should do a little collective tarten post to show all my little bits hehe anyway back to these bad boys (I get distracted so easily sorry) I'm thinking of styling these with my white open back t-shirt, think it'd be really cute.

I have a day off tomorrow which means lots of fashion DIY and customisation. YAY

What have you bought from Topshop recently? Any amazing bargains?
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Popping into town for nothing...

...Never happens.
I had a wonder down into my local town as I haven't been there in ages and needed something productive to do as my plans got cancelled very last minute :( I needed some pretty boring bits like leggings, tops and underwear so just popped into Primark for the basics. River Island are also doing 20% off for students until tomorrow but of course I couldn't find anything I liked so ended up with some high waisted black leggings. HOW EXCITING. 
Anyways here's a few bits I did pick up :)
Cutest bedding £11
Cheap and cheerful £5

Sports bra £4
Basic cami's £2 each
Oversized vests £2.50 

LOVE this tarten turtle neck £4
Crochet shorts £10 Didn't
River Island Leggings £8 (with discount)

Nail wraps £1
Oversized shopper £1
Useful for lugging everything 2miles home!!
I am now not letting myself go shopping until after my birthday!! This will probably last about 2 days but I'm going to try!! Ha

Have you picked up any bargains lately?


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shoe Lust #2

I want doesn't always get...but PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE.

1 2 3 4. Sold out everywhere and I keep loosing on Ebay :( 
5 6 7 8 9 10. Sold out :(
11 12 13 14 15

I seem to be in dyer need to a new shoedrobe and some ££££

What are your seasons favourite shoes?


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blue Water & Stratford City Westfield

Pretty lucky that my Step dad has to travel around a bit for work at the weekend because recently wherever he's gone, he's dropped my mum and I off for a spot of shopping. So in the last few weeks I've been to Blue Water and Stratford City Westfield and picked up some nice little bits :) I haven't done a haul in ages so have added a few other bits in too :)

Blue Water
Topshop oversized sweater

Loving this green colour at the moment, looks great on its own or layered up.
These wedges I got for FIVE POUNDS..I tend to wear my Freda's a hell of a lot but for a fiver I couldn't resist!!

Stratford City
Vera Moda
Haven't been in to Republic for months because to be honest I think half their stuff is crap but managed to pick up this gorgeous coat and then popped into the actual Vera Moda shop and found this super comfy jumper, it's so easy to wear and so versatile.

F21 simple for summer (if we ever get one!)              River Island. Love this dungaree style dress.


 1. I bought this t in a super big size so I can wear it as an oversized T with leggings or can probably get away with it as an easy throw on in the summer. At £6 you can't go wrong.
2. Got this lace dress ages ago now and haven't had the chance to wear it yet, it came with a slip but think it would look cute with a crop top and shorts underneath (need to loose a bit more weight first)
3. Also got this ages ago now but think it's so cute! Still haven't worn it though. Woops
4. This was a Stratford City buy. As i'm loosing weight i'm getting into crop tops, will probably wear this with my high waisted purple velvet leggings.
5. MY FAVOURITE BUY. I usually hate wearing fakes of things but I couldn't resist these and of course will always admit they aren't real but at £12 and only pair left in my size it'd be rude not to!!

What bargains have you picked up recently?
Are you like me and save pieces for special occasions even if it means them being in your wardrobe for months?


Monday, 8 April 2013

Flower midi

Easing my way back into this blogging malarky, between not having any money, moving, loosing all confidence in myself and a whole bunch of other crap blogging was the last thing I've thought about but lately things are back on track and i'm feeling a bit better so we will see whats to come of it...

Here's a few photos of what I wore to the pub on Saturday night.

Dress- River Island (Ages ago)
Jacket- Primark 
Glitter socks- Zara (old tights)
Shoes- PRIMARK Such a bargain. So cute

Charlotte's playsuit is from H&M