Thursday, 27 September 2012


Apologies for being so crap at this blogging malarky but I’ve been pretty busy and un-motivated as of the last few weeks and I’m going to try really hard whenever I have a spare half hour to post rather than sitting on my arse and watching crap TV.

Anyways I thought I’d share with you my Jeffrey Campbell and Unif at Solestruck wish list. I love how rapidly Jeffrey Campbell’s collection is growing; the collection is becoming more and more accessible which for us fashionistas is a little annoying seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing but on the other hand he’s an amazing designer and this should be celebrated! Who could not want/need/lust after anything Unif. AMAZING.

So from left to right we have;

Coltrane boot- I’ve wanted these for ages, unfortunately being an unpaid intern isn’t helping this situation, neither is them being sold out EVERYWHERE. I won’t be happy until these are a part of my wardrobe.

Lana- I’ve found myself recently being into baby pink, although sometimes it can look extremely chavtastic, I think these would be the perfect as they’re a little different with the curved heel and cut out.

Damsel- These are a great combination of colour, height, wedge and fierceness all thrown into one.

Lita- Although the Lita’s are EVERYWHERE now and most people can’t tell the fake from the real there’s no compromise when you come to the comfort. I’ve heard they are extremely comfortable and as they aren’t as massively huge as my Freda’s are they’re much more versatile as they aren’t so shocking.

99 Tie 2- As these gorgeous wedges don’t come above the ankle they’ll help to elongate my short stumpy legs, I love this deep red (purple) colour as they could be paired with a lot in my wardrobe.

Foxy- I love this pink as you can keep an outfit plain and simple with a pop of colour.

Unif Hellbounds- There are no words.

Unif Hellraisers- These would be perfect for work and every day wear, especially in our swanky new office. Spikes, loafer and leopard. PERFECT combination.

So that’s it, my not going to be able to afford ANY time in the near future shoe lust list. BOO


  1. i'm surprised they're not all STUDDED you studster ;)

  2. all shoes are amazing! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  3. Love them all! I want hellboundssss!!