Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Time for a change

I know I know i'm the worlds worst blogger but I have been ridiculously busy this past month and my interent never works so I have to wait until I come back to my mums to actually do anything HOW ANNOYING.

Anyways, in December I felt it was time for a change, WGSN was a wicked company to work for and I learnt so much in the time I was there but felt staying there wasn't going to benefit me anymore than it had already therefore I searched for a new placement, and the next day I had one.

I am now working in the design studio for Little White Lies, they're currently found in Urban Outfitters but are a fairly new label and are looking to expand. This placement is perfect for me as I get to be involved with the business in all aspects which will benefit my final year studying.

The people are really lovely and working in such a small studio is enabling me to learn so much, I've only been there a week and have been included in design decisions as well as pattern cutting, sewing toiles, trim and fabric sourcing. I love it! I am so happy there as i'm in a really creative studio with really creative and lovely people and i'm excited for whats to come!!


  1. Just wondering if you've got any tips on applying for internships/work exp? I'm 2 years older than you but completely inexperienced and haven't had had the guts to apply for any as I get really scared lol. Do you have show a porfolio of your work etc? What kinda questions they ask in the interviews? Thanks :)

  2. Heyy yeah I have a portfolio of my uni work that I usually take with me to interviews and most questions are about your interests, why you want to do it, about the company etc but id say to look closer to the time you want to actually do one because i personally think my uni made us start looking way too early and all the places that were looking for interns wanted someone asap. Dont be too shy its one of those things you nees to just go for. If you don't get one you can learn from the interview and move on :) Let me know how you get on xxx

  3. Yeh the same has happened to my bf he's applied too early! Ahh when you show your portfolio is it just an A4 folder with images of your work then? MY tutors keep being vague about everything and it's freaking me out! I haven't applied anywhere yet but i'm graduating in a few more months. I'm mostly kind of worried if they ask me about other artists/inspirations - i have no clue LOL. Your work exp sounds like a really cool place as well! Thanks so much for the reply and help! X