Monday, 21 October 2013

Fabric Shopping

In preparation of our final collection, my year were allocated the time to travel down to London (home for me) to go fabric shopping. 

Although I had already been to most of the ones we visited for my placement, it was much more of an eye opener visiting them for your own collection and it has definitely given me a clearer view of which direction I'd like to go in.

We visited the Fabric Forum show but didn't have huge amounts of time to look around but managed to get a few business cards from places I took an interest to. We quickly popped to a shop near here which stocks left over fabric from designer and high street collections for reasonable prices.

We then went to various fabric shops all over; Shepherds Bush was a great place for samples, Portobello wasn't as impressive as I thought and the store we went to there was more organic type fabrics which I'm not a massive fan of. Soho was great but mainly for more elegant fabrics being mostly silk shops, although I will definitely be using some of the leather and feathered fabric I found there. It's TO DIE FOR (Just a little excited) White Chapel has an amazing trimmings shop which holds thousands of various fastenings etc.

We also visited Harrods to look that womenswear collections and get a feel for the fabric, cut and silohettes then went onto Liberty's to do the same as well as look around their fabric department.

I took loads of photos but don't want to reveal too much at this stage so will only share a few.

If you'd like to know where any of these places are just ask :) 

Harrods & Liberty's

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