Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I first heard about Limecrime over twitter @limecrime, Had a quick peek and loved their collection instantly.

Like most things i'm very picky about my make up, I personally think that you should never have too much going on on your face, if you are going to make your eyebrows the main focus of your face then stay away from the bright lipstick and electric blue eyeshadow as these three together can only mean one look...DRAG QUEEN.  Don't get me wrong i'm not an eyebrow hater but if you're going to draw your eyebrows on then take a bit of time to experiment/research what suits your face shape etc. 

As i'm a lipstick lover I tend to keep the rest of my face pretty simple, I use a little bit of bronzer, with black eyeliner and mascara. 

Anyways after that little rant thats the main reason I love Limecrime's collection as their lipstick and nail varnish shades are to die for and although I love to experiment with lip colour I dont have the balls to wear some of my favourite colours of the collection. 

 Colours i'll definitely be purchasing in the near future!
Shades i'll maybe day

I never leave the house without having my nails painted.
These colours are so damn cute! Even together on alternate nails :)

 Although I love my black eye make up, I have recently been thinking about trying an electric blue liner, if I go ahead i'll definitely be buying this one from limecrime!
Visit the LimeCrime website and see what you think!!
I shall also be reviewing the purchases once I receive them!

What do you think of the limecrime range?

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  1. Wow, bold but cute! Lovely post x

  2. The naipolishes are amazing !
    Your blog is great !

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like !

  3. Wow some lovely colours :)

    Tanesha x

  4. I'd love to try their products too. The colours are mind blowing!!!

    Robyn Mayday