Friday, 5 October 2012

Raiding Nan's wardrobe

My nan's downsizing soon which only means one thing. A massive clear out and give Katie all her cute unwanted vintage clothes!! EEK.
I haven't bought anything vintage in SO long, I've been a lot more into high street recently but I love to mix the two and these gems will work perfect with my recent high street buys.


 The lace jacket would probably be much better off without the enormous pearl buttons, and would be a cute cover up. The pink maxi blouse will be worn open and belted up over black leggings and a tank.
These blouses match a pair of trousers my Nan gave me a little while ago, If I were to wear them together as one outfit i'd probably pair with a black top and have the blouse open as a jacket.


So happy I found this skirt, I tried a similar one on in Camden and it didn't fit :( but these colours are much more versatile through the transition from summer to Autumn. These velvet trousers don't fit me so i'll probably make them into shorts and give them to a pal, or sell them, not sure yet but thought i'd grab them!

Admittedly I tried on for a bit of a laugh at first then I fell in love! It's super long and massive and cosy and warm with faux fur collar. It's going to be perfect for commuting into London every day this winter and even more perfect when i'm back up north next year.

I'm gutted I didn't find this baby yellow blazer in time for the spring/summer pastel trend but this definitely won't stop me wearing it this autumn as it fits into the nautical/military trend with a bit of a twist.

Vintage Gucci.
No other words are needed.

I also popped to Tesco and randomly found the shade of lipstick I've been looking for FOREVER. In TESCO. Of course it's crap and I have to re apply every two minutes but I love the colour too much to care!

Has anyone found any cute vintage pieces recently or raided their Nan's/gran's/grandma's wardrobe?

Katie xx


  1. omg that coat and the blazer!!! jealousssss!!!xx

  2. vintage Gucci!im so jealous eeek,looks like your nan has good taste!x

  3. All of the stuff is great!!! ;)

    But love the blazer - have the same in baby blue! ;)