Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Vintage Spikes

Having no internet now i've moved in with my dad is KILLING me, I have to use my phone for everything because my iPad has run out of internet too. WAHHH. But i'm going to get it sorted this week!

The vintage treasures keep cropping up from my Nan and the other day she gave me this cute black/navy and white jacket, which reminded me of a similar pink one they've been selling in Zara, but the vintageness makes this one much better. I thought i'd add a bit of grunge to it to make it a bit more...me?


You'll need

Measure one side of the collar and distribute the spike evenly (measurement is up to you)
Here I used an inch between each spike and placed a pin where the middle of the spike will be placed.

The actual pushing the spikes through was pretty difficult to get a photo of (maybe I should have done a video) but anyway this is how to;

-Make a small round hole with small pair of sharp scissors
-Because of the texture of the jacket follow the scissor blade through with the spike screw so the position is kept
-Make sure the screw is places from inside to out then twist the spike on top (it's pretty easy to tighten but if not use a screw driver to secure the screw)


Not amazingly exciting I know but I LOVE it! Yet to wear it but I can't wait.


  1. Love this babe! Such a good idea! And I'm in agreement, blackberrys cameras are crap now!!! :( xx

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