Sunday, 21 April 2013


So I've been working in Topman for the last 5 months now and finally received my uniform allowance an amazing 50% off!!(Obviously there is a limit to how much I buy) but I absolutely fell in love with these pieces which is great for me as i'm usually awful at making decisions about clothes when i'm limited to a certain number of items!! :) Those of you who follow me on instagram will have already seen these but here they are if you haven't. 

I've had my eye on this for a while but didn't think i'd fit into a M/L but I DO YAY. Probably going to style this with my black high waisted leggings and a chunky cardi, converse or boots. It would also look cute with my high waisted purple velvet leggings or my leather skater skirt...endless possibilities.

My favourite colour at the moment, hopefully making my birthday dress in this gorgeous colbalt blue (eeek exciting) Absolutely love these treggings will probably style them with an oversized black blouse or a black baggy jumper for a more casual outfit. 

(Sorry I couldn't find a link to these) Anyone who takes note of my style/clothes will know i'm an absolute sucker for tarten! Maybe I should do a little collective tarten post to show all my little bits hehe anyway back to these bad boys (I get distracted so easily sorry) I'm thinking of styling these with my white open back t-shirt, think it'd be really cute.

I have a day off tomorrow which means lots of fashion DIY and customisation. YAY

What have you bought from Topshop recently? Any amazing bargains?
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  1. I work in Topshop too and I'm so excited for next Sunday when my store gets our new allowance. I usually go for a pair of boots and lots of clothes with amazing prints. I like your tartan jeggings and I've always liked that spotty crop top since it first hit stores. xx