Sunday, 8 November 2015


imageAm I the only one obsessed with denim? Such a versatile fabric and so fun to customise.
When I shop not only do I look for pieces I love I think about how I can wear them, style them and also how I could possibly customise it in a few months/years time. This might seem silly but why buy something you know you'll be bored with in a couple months time? Obviously not everything can be customised but it's definitely one of the factors I think about.
Fashion should be fun and with denim there are so many different ways to mic it up a little. My favourite currently is frayed denim, I'm working on a shirt at the moment but have recently tapered some boyfriend jeans that I bought ripped, snipped off the hem and frayed away.
Other ways to 'do' denim;
● Mix up fabrics either layered or side by side (this looks cool with lace)
● Iron on patches are cute right now there's loads on Ebay at the moment
● Dye it: buy a light colour denim and have a play around
●Embellishment and embroidery
Hopefully I'll get the chance to show you my ever growing collection of denim from crop shirts (DIY'd) to midi dresses and jackets.
(Image put together from images on Pinterest, follow my link)

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