Tuesday, 10 November 2015

TK Maxx Spree


A few of the bits (other than pressies) I picked up during this weekend at TK Maxx. As long as you are prepared to rummage you will always find gems, sometimes they just jump out at you (the Orange clutch and the loafers definitely did!)
I have been looking for t he right kind of winter jacket for a couple of months now, I needed something warm and with a hood and I was struggling to find something that wasn't just a bog standard parka and something that was great quality. This is a size smaller (yay) and fits perfectly...even more perfect IT HAS FAUX FUR!! (my favourite)
I picked up this little jewellery bag (top left) as whenever I go away or want to take jewellery somewhere I end up shoving it n to a make up bag and loosing bits. This one has a bar for earrings and also a bag inside which is attached to keep everything safe. Perfect.
The orange clutch is something I wouldn't usually go for due to its size but I think it would be nice to take out for dinner or drinks, I've already tested it out and I can definitely fit my essentials...phone, cards and lippy.
TK Maxx/Homesense always have the best notebooks, i'm in a positive mood at the moment and I thought this one was great! We should always strike for progress not perfection! No one is perfect after all.
I think the shoes speak for themselves, I love a loafer but find it hard to find ones that have a little something more. I love how the fringing is looped over and think it really makes them a little bit different. They're super comfy too so i'll be wearing them loads.
Anyone else found any TK Maxx/Homesense gems recently?
KatieCorrie xx

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